You Got a Sage EBR M1 Garand?

There has been a lot of inquires about the Sage EBR M1 Garand. I have decided to make a commentary about calling all SAGE M1 Garands owners to chime in here. When I go and check out a particular website that sells the M1 Garand Sage Stock, its sells out or does not last long in their inventory. That being said, anyone out there that has completed a Sage EBR M1 Garand rifle build please show us your project. We all want to see your build. I have looked for other photos and or articles of the Sage EBR M1 Garand with no prevail. I am sure that there are owners who already have completed a Sage M1 Garands out there someplace.

As for myself.........I only have one M1 Garand at the moment and that rifle will stay in its original and traditional form.  I know in the future that I will start such a project. First thing I will do when the time comes to build a Sage EBR M1 Garand is most likely get the rifle from CMP(Civilain Marksmanship Program) due to its availability and grade and price. Then purchase the Sage EBR M1 Garand Stock when available again to the general public. To recap this commentary..........I am calling out any Sage EBR M1 Garand owners or if you have a friend who has one to send a commentary here and range report with photos, so we all can learn, drool and enjoy each others collection to see.

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