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I just got myself a classic M14, and would like to modify it to the M14-RI, the standardized Army's DMR weapon. I've done my research, read a few decent articles, if I'm not wrong, the only difference (apart from SEI parts) is the Sage stock. Then I started looking for an EBR chassis and noticed that there are different markings on the stock depending on the production year. My question is (in effort to be as close to the real thing) which production model of the Sage chassis did TACOM at Rock Island Arsenal ordered to modify their traditional M14?

So far, I've seen one with markings stamped "Oscoda, Mi 48750 Patent Pending" (last line)
and "Oscoda, MI 48750 Patent 6,839,998" (last line)
I've also heard that there are Sage chassis with no markings at all.
By tigerdan


Of the 6200 M14EBR-RIs built, the stocks spanned several years and a number of modifications / updates were cut into the production. The original stocks had NF (Fine) threads on the screws that held the oprod guide. About mid production, we started getting feedback that the troops were mixing these screws up with the ones that held the forward hand guard on which were NC (Course) threads and causing problems. We had the op rod guide changed to NC screws to eliminate this problem. We then incorperated a crush washer to replace the shim set and allow us to build the guns a little quicker. The DCSB locking levers and bottom rail were also changed to a different configuration. The lock was changed to the other lever and another screw was added to the bottom rail to eliminate rail peeling at the front of the stock.

As the M14EBR-RIs go through RESET, They will be brought up to the current configuration, so the short answer is if you buy a current stock it will have everything that is on the combat rifles.

The Army continues to buy Sage stocks. They have an IDIQ (indefinite delivery / indefinite quantity) contract with Sage to purchase replacement stocks. The markings vary according to when the stocks were purchased by the Army. Also please keep in mind that individual units also direct purchased nearly 3k stocks and did local conversions of loaned M14s. Noexpert is correct the standard black ALCS is the official EBR stock being issued by TACOM. As these stocks and rifles come back to TACOM for RESET they are rebuilt and sent back out so being able to define which marking is the official one is impossible.
By EBRbuilder

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